About SHI

Sustainable Health Index (SHI) grew out of Jen Gamboa’s passion for interdisciplinary care that integrates physical therapy and other wellness services to maximize function, prevent illness, and empower whole health.  To that end, Dr. Gamboa founded an interdisciplinary clinic, Body Dynamics, Inc, over 25 years ago. BDI continues to lead the way in systematically integrating plans of care to advance the health of individuals as well as working with organizations and communities to design programs that improve the health and well-being of their people. Through her real-world clinical and employer-based health management experience, Dr. Gamboa learned that systematically integrating care and aligning resources can be a huge challenge in our silo-d medical environment. This led her to develop SHI: initially, a data intelligence system to help the practitioners and patients at BDI understand the full-context of health, health beliefs, health behaviors, and community barriers influencing outcomes. In 2014, Dr. Gamboa partnered with Mike Riley, Jr to form the Sustainable Health Index, LLC in order to bring SHI out of a single clinic and scale it into a true population health data intelligence system.

The Team


Jennifer Gamboa, PT, DPT, OCS

Managing Partner

Michael Riley, Jr., PT, DPT

Managing Partner

Gusti F. Kustyanto

Senior Director of Strategy

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