Managing Population Health in the Age of Pandemics

The need to manage the health of our population has never been more mission critical.  And the need to do it well has never been more self-evident. COVID-19 is not the first nor will it be the last pandemic the world will ever face.  Viruses evolve and get more sophisticated every year. Has our ability …

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The Power of Lead Data

The impact of tracking lag data is overestimated. Many business owners measure lag data to track the outcomes of their team and company performance. But when lag data is the only KPI that gets measured, the input needed to influence outcomes is lost.   People are missing out on a powerful data set that helps guide …

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Why Biometrics Aren’t Enough

Biometric screenings are a common component of wellness efforts in offices across America, and while they are well-intentioned by many conscientious employers, they fall short of being effective on their own. The weakness of biometric screenings lies in the fact that they provide information that can only be reacted to once an employee’s health has …

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