COVID Employer Assessment

So you are ready to normalize business operations. How ready are you to manage your workforce risk? And, is your workforce ready? Take this quiz to better understand your organization’s risk tolerance, the exposure risk of your employees, and where you stand on infection response management. Make sure you have your employees fill out their own quiz, so you can quickly understand and address any gaps in readiness between you and your workforce.


Tolerance for Risk

Workforce Exposure Risk

Return to Work Preparedness and Response Plan

  • e.g., workers’ concerns about pay, leave, safety, health, and other issues that may arise during infectious disease outbreaks
  • Engineering controls involve isolating employees from work-related hazards, such as installing high-efficiency air filters and/or physical barriers, such as clear plastic sneeze guards.
  • Administrative controls are changes in work policy or procedures to reduce or minimize exposure to a hazard, such as asking sick workers to stay at home and minimizing contact among employees
  • All types of PPE must be selected based upon the hazard/risk of exposure to the worker and must be properly fitted and periodically refitted, as applicable (e.g., respirators).