We work with a wide range of community sizes. We offer SHI Lite to accommodate a small size (less than 100 users) that is proven to provide meaningful contribution to the organization.

We understand total spending predictability is important to many organizations. That’s why we adopted a per user per month (PUPM), all-inclusive system. We have a sliding scale depending on the total size but typically PUPM costs less than a fancy latte from Starbucks.

Our current clients include local and international organizations in manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logging industries, universities, and more.

We treat Data Privacy very seriously. We have policies and processes in place to keep the data safe and secured. While our model is HIPPA compliant ready, the data we collect from users is mostly considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Our apps are available on Apple and Google stores, compatible with iOS and Android.  You will receive instructions from your organization, along with a passcode, to login.

Glad you asked. No barrier is our theme. Here is the link to SHI Index-

You’ll know your personal score in under 10 minutes. Indexing is an important step before starting your journey toward healthier well-being.

We are a very small team spread out across the country, but our main address is Belleville, IL, USA.