Stop spending your health dollars in the wrong places.

If you feel like you're perpetually losing confidence in your wellness vendor, you're not alone. Identify the underlying beliefs, behaviors, and barriers driving your rising risk and cost, so your spend is directed where it matters most.


A new type of Health Risk Assessment.

The Sustainable Health Index is a proprietary, scientifically-validated Health Risk Assessment that brings immediate health risks, problems, and opportunities to the surface to give you data you can act on instead of react to.

Understand the shape of health, across your organization.

Our Total Health Score, Health Insight Map, and Domain Dials transform Index data into meaningful representations of current risk levels so you and your employees have a clear picture of what to do next.

Expose opportunities where you can have the most impact.

Your rising cost hides in the common behaviors of your population but most wellness solutions never give you a snapshot at an aggregate level. With SHI you get access to data that lets you create a comprehensive wellness strategy the first time.

Make sustained results simple.

Sustained cost savings are the result of understanding the behaviors, beliefs, and barriers of your population and being able to adjust strategy in real-time.



Measure risk, confidence, and activation.


See your health score and risk stratification across 5 domains.


Make informed decisions about health management initiatives based on behavior and beliefs.


Direct your resources to the right areas and engage employees in the areas that matter most.

Move beyond reacting to claims data.